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    The National Water Resources Institute (NWRI) is a governmental institution responsible for promoting and implementing policies, programs, and research related to water resources management in the country.
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    NWRI conducts research on various aspects of water resources, including water supply and sanitation, water quality and pollution control, water management and conservation, hydrology, and climate change impacts on water resources, etc
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    NWRI plays a vital role in policy formulation and development related to water resources management. The institute provides technical expertise and research-based recommendations to government bodies, helping them make informed decisions and develop effective water policies and regulations.

    NWRI offers a wide range of regular training programmes and short courses for capacity-building of professionals, government officials, and communities involved in water resources management. These programs aim to enhance knowledge, skills, and understanding of best practices in water management.

    Individuals or organizations interested in collaborating with NWRI can explore partnership opportunities by contacting the institute directly. NWRI welcomes collaborations in research, capacity-building initiatives, knowledge-sharing, and the development of innovative solutions to water-related challenges.

    The general public can benefit from NWRI's work through improved water resources management, enhanced access to safe and clean water supply, and increased awareness and understanding of water-related issues. NWRI's efforts contribute to sustainable development, environmental protection, and overall well-being.

    NWRI addresses water-related challenges through an integrated approach that combines research, policy support, capacity building, and stakeholder engagement. The institute collaborates with various stakeholders to identify and implement solutions that address water scarcity, water pollution, and other pressing concerns.

    A suitably qualified candidate can only apply through the students admission portal. Click here to start.

    To apply for a short course, Participants/Organizations should send their nomination(s) for the desired course(s) two (2) weeks before the date of the course to facilitate advanced planning.
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    You can visit the journal site here to learn about the procedure for writing an article in the Nigerian Journal of Water Resources

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